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Recalled Questions of Indian Bank Promotion Exam dated 28.05.2022

Date : May 29, 2022

Recalled Questions of Indian Bank Promotion Exam dated 28.05.2022

 Recalled Questions of Indian Bank Exam dated 28.05.2022 (Clerical to officers)

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IB Micro scheme ka limit Psl me MSE sector ka percentage. Question on soiled note RBI portal for fraud related knowledge. E purse cash limit RTGS charge levied above 5 lac Cisla screen number 60455 screen number Screen number for cheque stop Acc of customer in stop status for what value. Threshold limit for high net worth customer. IB pension loan amount for regular pensioner. Rbi integrated ombudsman scheme decision not satisfied can appeal in how many days Home loan repayment period for other than salaried. CGTMSE doesn't cover what? OVD document For overtaking of home loan what charge is levied above 5 years. Whistle blower discourse in how many days/months. Mahila shakti acc related Indoasis how many languages RAM for dec 2021. CASA increased by how many bps? Doubtful after how much percentage Mudra tarun limit Credit card limit for our bank customer Bsbda acc cannot have max limit above how much? Max reward under ombudsman Rm module step for unlocking of pin Ib smart Remote work Currency chest percentage of our bank and other bank. Azadi ka Amrit mahotsav theme When does an acc become NPA. CA account related question. Navigation for opening acc for LOD acc Navigation for security in lod acc Minimum fees captured for new locker. Duration of fee of locker Bancassurance for lic gic etc Emi calculator navigation in helpdesk Working capital in occ. Kyc for low and medium Home loan limit for 1/2 substaff Amount for medical checkup above 48 yrs Ib vehicle loan limit for officer and clerk Consumer right related 18-70 for which scheme PMSBY KCC related SHG 1st dose Salary loan od upto how much Pmegp nodal agency Awas yojana charges levied upto NEFT related For English Question like opposite of peace, guilty, vacant,reward. Rearrangement Fill in the blanks Find the error. Fill in the passage.

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