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Memory Collected Questions - Bank of India - Exam dtd. 26.12.2021 (Clerical to Officer)

Date : Dec 28, 2021

Memory Collected Questions - Bank of India - Exam dtd. 26.12.2021 (Clerical to Officer)

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Memory Collected Questions: Bank of India : Clerical to Officer : Exam date : 26.12.2021


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1Which is not Under negotiable instrument : Currency Note

2 Debit card automatically gets hotlisted for how many mnth? Correct Answer is 12 Months

3. Pan check verification: panchk

4. Ppf link for details banking: ppfmnt but acording to sandipani this menu disable

5.Star Sunidhi Min Amount: 10000

6. senior Citizens saving scheme min Amnt: 10000

7 BCP maintain n reported by: bm

8. BCP meeting to be conducted? My Answer Quarterly

9.Star Mitra for Saleried-Correct Answer 2lakh

10.Star Mitra for self-employed: 1lakh

11.Educatiom loan limit to consider under priority Sector: 20l irrespective of place

12. Travel card menu: TC Card and Correct TCard

13 gift cardax limit: 10000

14 relodable card monthly max limit:50000

15. Fixed pay from which year: 01.11.1993

16. Search report for agriculture below 1cr: 13 years

17 agri priority sector target: 18%ANBC

18 agri with nil collateral limit: 1.6L

19 education loan with out collateral security is?Unsecured

20 Boi safe login : MMSID n Pwd

21 Circulars n Notice available in: Hindi and English and regional Language

22 FAtCa n cra registered under: income tex

23 The opening of New branch comes under which regulation : br act

24 reverse mortgage loan used for which purpose : senior citizen addition income

25 Relationship btw clering chq collecting bank and customer: Trusti & Beneficiary

26. Relationship btw customer n bank for locker: Lessor n lesser

27. Net NPA: 2.79%

28. net Interest Income: 3523

29. total Business mix: 1031856

30 . Gross Advance: 4188895

31 SB plus in multiples of: 25k

32 Rakshak account is for: Police personnel

33 .under star token which facility is not available:  RTGs

34  Star toke ng can be Available For: retail custmer

34 UTR full form: Unique Transaction Reference No

35. FAtCa Full form: Foreign Account Tax compliance Act


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