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Sample Questionnaires for Faculty

Date : 28-Jun-2021

Sample Questionnaires for Faculty

Questionnaire for Faculty member Post : 



  1. 1. Why would you want to be faculty?

Ans : "I want to become a Faculty to contribute my meaningful experiences to develop the positive impact on the minds of the field staffs. I would be grateful to contribute to the participants of the prioritises , practices and policies of the institution for the fruitful field performance. I think that I have the skill to deliver the thing in easy manner to others which attracts me as Faculty.


  1. 2. What value addition can you bring as a faculty ?

Ans: “ I want to add the problem solving approach, skilled behaviour, technical upgradation in staff and continuous improvement skill initiative in proactive manner.”

  1. 3. Describe the role of Learning and Development in augmentations of business of Bank?

Ans : The Learning and Development can make enable to the working staff with more flexibility, active participation, an environment conducive to learning, networking and interaction for effective strategies and solving the Practical implications. The  principles of augmentation to employee training, the insight into possible strategies for improving the quality of employees for their better performances.


  1. 4. If you had to identify training needs of our bank where would you start?

Ans: I would like to start the identification of training needs by  Identifying The Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities Needed To Meet Your Objectives through collecting the information by :

  • Using questionnaires or surveys
  • Observing employees and examining their work
  • Conducting formal assessment
  1. 5. Can you describe 3 employee training method that will work for our bank ?

Ans : These are the 3 employees training method which will work for our bank.

  • Technical skills development through practical batches method
  • Soft skills development through class room training method 
  • Products and services training through pictorial PPT/videos methods
  1. 6. Please walk us through the process of preparing training curriculum and developing contents accordingly? 

Ans : for creating plandevelop, implement, and evaluate a successful Training curriculum we can do the preparation of short/bullet notes of policies, SOP for products, pictorial ppt, recorded videos session with expert faculties, articles, Questionnaires, FAQ on topics. These preparation will de make effective the Learning system.


  1. 7. How would you handle an employee who doesn’t think your training session is necessary.

Ans :  Firstly, to encourage the employee to accept the training with his “NICE” analysis i.e. Need, interest, concern & Expectation. Reasonable efforts should be taken to encourage employees to engage with the training they need, but only up to a point which will surely connect with the employee who doesn’t think the training session is necessary.



By Vijay Banka